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Go Stationery as the name suggests, sell colourful diaries, notebooks and other stationery. Go had an E-Commerce site that wasn't working for them, didn't allow them to make the site changes they wanted and were looking for something more flexible.

Rather than reinvent the wheel we suggested that they take a look at shopify as the basis for the site.

From this, the site quickly came together as we didn't have to worry about creating a secure backend and making sure it was PCI compliant as this is done through paypal.

Go particularly liked the look of one of the themes available and we adapted the look and functionality, advising Go on the best ways to achieve what they wanted. The related items were redone to work better with Go's product ranges and the newsletter signup form was rewritten as Go already had an email system in place and didn't want to use mailchimp.

Go Stationery have seen an increase in sales since we launched the site.

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