Cost is based on an hourly rate of £15 per hour. The overall cost is dependent on what is supplied and what we have to create for your website.

Chargable time is based on productive time - advice and phone calls are not chargeable. On-site meetings may incur expenses depending on the location.

As an example, a site with a few pages, with little user interaction (a static site with a contact form for instance) and with images and text supplied by you will often take around 20 hours with possibly around half of the time going into design approval and the rest in coding and Photoshop work. A larger site where user interaction is required (user accounts and/or e-commerce) will take a lot longer to produce but is also dependent on if you want to use a ready made solution or have something purpose built.

The following information will be required during the initial conversation or email:

  1. What is the budget for your website?
  2. What type of website are you looking for? Promotional, E-Commerce, Social networking or something else?
  3. Will you be updating the site yourself or is it static? Will you require users to sign up or be able to email you from the website?
  4. Do you already have the domain name registered and have hosting? I will need details of the hosting package or server at some point
  5. Will you be supplying all content and images or will you need a copywriter?