West London

YouMePc are a new company offering at-home repairs and set up for PC, laptop and phones as well as disaster recovery.

Large images clearly indicate the focus of the website without being overly familiar to the visitor. The copy was supplied by YouMePc via a copywriter but felt too generic.

This is in the process of being revamped, with a tighter focus on getting across what YouMePc do and what they're about.


Cable adnet

IT - London

Cable adnet websites home page

An IT service for small business' that don't need a full time IT department, Cable adnet have been around for a number of years and needed their website updating.

The core of Cable adnet was seperated into six areas, all of which were highlighted on the home page of the site with links to pages where things were described in greater detail.

This allows a site visitor to quickly scan the page and ascertain if Cable adnet covers what they are after and to get to that information quickly.

Cable adnet


Lithographic printers - Perivale

Colour Five are a commercial print company based in London and have been around for over 15 years specialising in UV print.

Working with their designers it was down to us to create the site based on the given designs and suggest improvements in both usablility and look where needed.

Colour Five


Garment workflow application - Harrow

Squarethinking offer an online order management system used within the garment manufacturing industry

As well as involvement in the application itself, Squarethinking asked us to come up with a simple single page website for marketing purposes.

Current status for both is long term and ongoing.